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Pupils Persecuted

About five centuries ago when the Reformer Guido de Bres was attempting to describe the mysterious relationship between God and the difficulties of the world in which he lived, he put it this way “we content ourselves that we are pupils of Christ, who have only to learn those things which He teaches us in His Word, without transgressing these limits“ (article 13, Belgic Confession). The phrase “pupils of Christ” describe much more than just the posture of those who struggle with the providence of God in a broken world.  Are not all those who want to know God pupils of the Lord Jesus Christ, who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life”?

We are a group of Christian academics who are pastors at heart. Most of us have served as pastors for many years before teaching young men how to do so. We believe that the Reformed tradition best reflects biblical truth today, and seek to advance the knowledge and understanding of that approach. Those of us who pastor are ministers at one of the Canadian Reformed Churches, and those of us who teach do so at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary.

In this fast paced society where everything is instant and accessible, we hereby attempt to make some of what we have written readily accessible for you.  Browsing through our pages you should find articles on a wide range of topics. Over time more will be posted.  May what you find here be helfpul to you as you seek to know God better and serve Him more resolutely.

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